Acne Free ClearSkin Program:

Yes, you heard it right! Not just scars, Kosmoderma now has laser treatments for Acne as well.

The latest US FDA approved laser treating acne is now available in India at Kosmoderma Skin & Hair Clinics, India’s Most Trusted Skincare Clinic Brand.

Acne is troublesome and once you get them, especially post teenage years, they are long lasting and scarring unless you treat them specifically and scientifically.

Acne includes a plethora of conditions like pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts and when untreated this leads to scarring which is permanent. Indian skin scars by pigmentation so the skin will look darker in patches and by creating holes, pores and pits, which makes the skin look un even and ages your appearance.

However, with the appropriate laser treatment acne can be cured and scars prevented from forming and results achieved are permanent once the cause is fully treated.

Let’s face it! Everyone wants clear smooth skin today as appearances do matter!

At Kosmoderma, our panel of specialist’s dermatologists and cosmetologists will take you through an extensive consultation process with 3D imaging, Skin tests and Blood tests to first determine the scar depth, post this a treatment plan is personalized based on your skin type, age, colour and sex.

A typical Acne Free ClearSkin treatment plan for acne is about 4 – 6 months with a combination of medical clean ups and our Acne ClearSkin Laser / Light devices which is an US FDA approved laser for treating acne and prevent scarring and available only at Kosmoderma Clinics in India.

The laser works by heating the skin specifically to reduce the inflammation, close the pores and works on scars leading to smoother blemish free skin.

Kosmoderma is the only clinic currently offering this level of committed treatment for acne with the ClearSkin USFDA approved laser.

We at Kosmoderma are specialists in treating Acne & Scars and have various options for the treatment so that we can personalize each treatment plan and optimize the treatment effectiveness. Our patients who have had longstanding and troublesome acne in the past swear by our treatments. Try those out yourselves.

Client Testimonial:

I had very severe acne &pores. But dermaroller and fractional laser has given me very good results within a short span of time. My Acne and open pores have reduced a lot. There is around 80% improvement in my skin now. I feel much confident and comfortable than before. Fractional Laser and Dermaroller are very good treatment for acne and provide very good results provided you take care of skin as mentioned by doctors (sunscreen & other Creams) after the treatment.

– Mr. Muthuraj

I had acne and scars on my face and it really reduced my confidence. But Dr. Chytra really helped me. I got excellent result with the derma roller and face laser sessions. I love you guy’s thanks a lot much.

– Ms. Sushmita

I took treatment for my open pores and acne marks. Dr. Rasya put me onto the Dermaroller pretty satisfied with the treatment; find a lot of changes in my skin after the treatment. Good job by the Kosmoderma team. Thank you.

– Ms. Priya Arvind


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