Acne, Pimples, Zits, we have several terms to identify these strange little bumps that inevitably appear on our skin. They pop up from nowhere on our faces, upper arms, upper back and other places and there’s usually no apparent reasons for this annoying phenomenon.

Not that there is any right or preferable time for these devilish spots to appear, they do make a habit of making an entrance at the worst possible time.

In many cases, we are tempted by thought of popping those zits to get rid of them quickly, but are left to deal with the dilemma of whether they will leave us with a permanent reminder of their inglorious existence. Other traditional methods of treating acne are more topical and are temporary, stop-gap solutions to getting rid of pimples. In other words, they do not address the problem at its source and rather treat the symptoms as opposed to the causes.

There are effective ways of managing acne and pimples for long-term effectiveness that actually work by treating the breakouts at their origin.

One such method is via the use of chemical peels. As opposed to traditional treatments, chemical peels penetrate deep within the skin to clean out pores that may not appear clogged at the surface. Additionally, peels help exfoliate the skin and stimulate new skin cells to grow at a faster pace. Chemical peels also help topical medication penetrate deeper within the skin and enhance their effectiveness. But there are other benefits of chemical peels that help prevent future breakouts, including the smoothening of open pores. Using peels as a treatment for acne also reduces the chances of scarring and can further reduce the appearance of acne related scars.

Another great way to eradicate Acne is through the use of Lasers. Yes, you read that right, Lasers! They are fast and effective at treating acne and are also used to reduce acne related scars. By using a concentrated burst of light that penetrates deep within the skin, the laser heats the affected oil glands to reduce inflammation and destroy the bacteria that are aggravating the condition.

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